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Mike Vanden Guitars and Mandolins - Mimesis Kudos

Mike Vanden Guitars
Mike Vanden Guitars and Mandolins - Mimesis Kudos

CHRIS WOODS album 'Stories for Solo Guitar' was recorded using the Mimesis Kudos.
The majority of the mix is the Kudos mic/passive magnetic with two ambient AKG C1000's.
Watch the ' Stolen Lines ' video from the album http://youtu.be/UbZNzz9vHqM
To download the album go to www.chriswoodsgroove.co.uk
Here is a taster from the album:
Edinburgh MP3 Chris Woods

MP3 Soundfile - Kudos 1 PRS/MCPS.
A piece written and played by John Parricelli to demo the new Kudos Blend. EQ is flat, and some reverb has been added. Mic is DPA 4099G. Guitar is a Santa Cruz OM. Please listen on good quality headphones/speakers.

Tom's Twist MP3 Chris Newman - Groove Sound Music
A tune written and performed by Chris Newman using Kudos Blend Option 1, on board mic. Passive magnetic only.

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Buy KUDOS OPTION 1 - Built in ultra miniature omni capsule.
398.00 Free Royal Mail Special Delivery (UK only).

Buy KUDOS OPTION 1 with Cables - To include 4M stereo cable and stereo splitter
433.00 Free Royal Mail Special Delivery (UK only).


Professional Magnetic/Microphone blend system for flat top acoustic guitar in a compact, easy to use package. Combining a humcancelling magnetic pickup with a very high quality microphone, conveys a totally accurate sound for on stage or recording. The Kudos Blend is designed to be as versatile as possible, with each part of the system, passive magnetic, active magnetic, or microphone, able to be used individually. Either passive magnetic, or active magnetic can be combined with the microphone.

Both microphone and active magnetic signals are buffered and brought up to standard instrument level by separate ultra low noise preamplifiers incorporated within the pickup casing. Power for the preamps and microphone is provided by two integral 3v lithium coin cells.

Stereo outputs permit separate EQ, routing, and blending of each signal path. Two toggle switches, accessible through the guitar soundhole, switch between passive/active magnetic pickup and microphone on/off.

A unique clamping system allows fitting into soundholes as small as 94mm (3.7) diameter WITHOUT removing the strings, making battery changes quick and easy. The Kudos will fit smaller diameter soundholes, but strings will need to be slackened/removed for battery changes.

The magnetic pickup is a humcancelling design with adjustable pole pieces, to work specifically with flat top acoustic guitar. Its capable of capturing the full frequency range of the instrument, giving a warm, sparkling, harshness free acoustic sound, balanced by a deep, focused bass response. Using the MAG toggle switch, accessible through the guitar soundhole, switches between passive and active modes, further increasing the flexibility of the pickup. Passive mode bypasses the preamp, so functions without battery power. Active setting has 9dB gain.

Option 1 Built-in ultra miniature omni capsule. This is a very high quality, precision engineered microphone capsule and gives outstanding results in an easy to use package.

Option 2 For DPA 4099G / DPA 4061. Connect either of these two popular mics via a Lemo socket built into the pickup casing. The systems on board mic preamp is designed to work only with the DPA mics listed. A Lemo/Microdot adapter is available. The mics can be connected/disconnected with the pickup fitted in the guitar soundhole. The 4099G has a supercardioid polar pattern. The 4061 is omnidirectional, similar in use to Option 1. Both these mics sound fantastic.

For magnetic pickup only, use a standard mono jack to jack cable into a mixing desk, acoustic amp, or DI. Switch off the mic using the toggle switch.

For magnetic/mic blend, use a TRS jack to jack stereo cable, via a splitter, direct into the line inputs of a mixing desk, or via two DI boxes for long cable runs. You can also plug into separate channels of an acoustic amp such as the Fishman Loudbox /SA220 or similar.

Pickup noise level -94dBu A -weighted

Mic Option 1
Mic noise level 33dBA
Mic Frequency response 100Hz...20Khz -2/+5dB

Mic Option 2 DPA4099G
Mic noise level 23dBA
Mic Frequency response 80Hz...15KHz +/-2dB

Max output level +3dBu
Output impedance <1Kohm
Recommended load impedance >10K ohms
Current consumption 1.8mA
Battery life approx. 80 hours

Option 1 with on board omni mic capsule - 398.00
Option 2 for connection to DPA4099G or DPA4061. Mic not included - 350.00 TO ORDER ONLY

Stereo DI box. Connect a TRS stereo cable from the Kudos Blend into the DI box stereo input and the signals are routed via two studio quality DI circuits to Neutrik XLR output connectors. 48V phantom powered. Features two mono inputs/thru- puts and stereo input. When using the stereo input to DI outputs, the two mono thru-puts can feed two separate channels of an on stage acoustic amp. Will also accept two mono inputs to feed the two DI outputs. Can also be used as a splitter box as long as the DI output XLRs are not connected.

4M Stereo cable, Neutrik connectors, Van Damme cable - 16.00
Stereo Splitter Unit, Neutrik connectors, Van Damme cable - 19.00
Lemo/Microdot adapter for DPA 4061/4099G - 70.00

Payment by cheque to M.J.Vanden Guitars Ltd, or using Bank transfer (BACS).
For account details e-mail or call 01967 402114

Delivery within the UK via Royal Mail Special Delivery at cost.
For delivery outside the UK, please e-mail.

Contact information:
M.J.Vanden Guitars Ltd, The Old School, Strontian, Acharacle, Argyll, PH36 4JA, Scotland.
Tel 01967 402114 e-mail

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