Mike Vanden Guitars and Mandolins


Price List - all prices in Sterling
A 15% deposit is required at the time of order. This secures a place on the waiting list and guarantees the price. The balance is due when the instrument is sprayed, approx. three weeks before collection/despatch. For delivery purposes a Calton case is required which can be supplied at cost. UK mainland delivery is by insured courier at cost. Overseas delivery via FedEx insured at cost. Overseas customers are liable for any import duties/taxes.
Blonde finish instruments are subject to a 10% surcharge.


Price Guide Mimesis Kudos Blend
Option 1
with on board omni mic capsule - £398.00
Option 2
for connection to DPA4099G or DPA4061. Mic not included - £350.00
Stereo DI box.
Connect a ¼” TRS stereo cable from the Kudos Blend into the DI box stereo input and the signals are routed via two studio quality DI circuits to Neutrik XLR output connectors. 48V phantom powered. Features two mono inputs/thru- puts and stereo input. When using the stereo input to DI outputs, the two mono thru-puts can feed two separate channels of an on stage acoustic amp. Will also accept two mono inputs to feed the two DI outputs. Can also be used as a splitter box as long as the DI output XLR’s are not connected.

4M Stereo cable, Neutrik connectors, Van Damme cable - £16.00
Stereo Splitter Unit, Neutrik connectors, Van Damme cable - £19.00
Lemo/Microdot adapter for DPA 4061/4099G - £70.00

Archtop Guitars
Maya Archtop Guitar from £6950
Martin Taylor ‘Artistry’
guitar from £6950
'Cadenza' Archtop guitar from £6950
Mimesis Jazz Blend - Only available fitted to Vanden instruments - pickup system as used by Martin Taylor Comprising Mimesis Suspended Humbucker, Fishman Piezo Bridge elements, Pre amps and controls. Fitted to pickguard £500
Mimesis suspended Humbucker - Only available fitted to Vanden instruments. Fitted to pickguard £200

335 style semi acoustic guitar £4600.00

Flat top Guitars
Mahogany back and sides £2600
Flamed maple back and sides £2900
Rosewood back and sides £2800

Simon Mayor model mandolin £2800
A model mandolin £2800
These mandolins have ivoroid binding on the front only.

Price guide for optional extras
Wh/bl/wh bindings on body, front and back and headstock £400
Binding on fingerboard £170
Curved fingerboard £60
Hand engraved tailpiece £70
Fern inlay on headstock £360
Ebony pickguard £180

Stretto Mandolin   £3400

Stretto Oval Soundhole Mandolin   £3000

F55 / F5 / F4 £4900
These mandolins have ivoroid bindings on body front and back, headstock and fingerboard.

Price guide for optional extras
Wh/bl/wh bindings on body, front and back and headstock £500
Fern inlay on headstock £450
Ebony pickguard £200
Hand engraved tailpiece £80

Also available mandolas, octave mandolas & mando-cellos, styles as mandolins. POA
Calton cases available for all Vanden instruments at cost.