Mimesis Kudos Blend

Professional Magnetic/Microphone blend system for flat top acoustic guitar in a compact, easy to use package.

Combining a humcancelling magnetic pickup with a very high quality microphone, conveys a totally accurate sound for on stage or recording. The Kudos Blend is designed to be as versatile as possible, with each part of the system, passive magnetic, active magnetic, or microphone, able to be used individually. Either passive magnetic, or active magnetic can be combined with the microphone.

Both microphone and active magnetic signals are buffered and brought up to standard instrument level by separate ultra low noise preamplifiers incorporated within the pickup casing. Power for the preamps and microphone is provided by two integral 3v lithium coin cells.

Stereo outputs permit separate EQ, routing, and blending of each signal path. Two toggle switches, accessible through the guitar soundhole, switch between passive/active magnetic pickup and microphone on/off.

A unique clamping system allows fitting into soundholes as small as 94mm (3.7”) diameter WITHOUT removing the strings, making battery changes quick and easy. The Kudos will fit smaller diameter soundholes, but strings will need to be slackened/removed for battery changes.

The magnetic pickup is a humcancelling design with adjustable pole pieces, to work specifically with flat top acoustic guitar. It’s capable of capturing the full frequency range of the instrument, giving a warm, sparkling, harshness free acoustic sound, balanced by a deep, focused bass response.
Mic Option 1 – Built-in ultra miniature omni capsule. This is a very high quality, precision engineered microphone capsule and gives outstanding results in an easy to use package.
Mic Option 2 – For DPA 4099G / DPA 4061. Connect either of these two popular mics via a Lemo socket built into the pickup casing. The 4099G has a supercardioid polar pattern. The 4061 is omnidirectional. Both mics sound fantastic.


User guide

Kudos Blend – ManualKudos Blend – Manual


Jenn Butterworth

Jenn Butterworth is one of the foremost folk guitarists in the UK acoustic music scene. She has been a key member of a range of high profile folk music projects, including Ross Ainslie and Ali Hutton’s SYMBIOSIS Big Band, and recently a member of folk supergroup ‘Songs of Separation’ involving an array of prominent folk artists including Eliza Carthy, Lady Maisery and Karine Polwart.

Becky Langan

Born in Rochdale, England, Becky Langan is a percussive fingerstyle guitarist who employs a combination of extended techniques that explore the outermost reaches of the acoustic guitar.

Becky was a semi-finalist on Guitar Star 2016 (Series 2) which aired on Sky Arts – a TV show which scours the UK to discover a world class guitarist.

Chris Newman

Chris Newman is a highly versatile and respected guitarist. He has had a wide ranging and varied career embracing blues, jazz and rock styles, and has recently released a new album, 2000 Miles, with singer songwriter Stella Hensley. Chris also composes and performs the music in adverts for Tiger Beer and Buick USA, and regularly demonstrates for Collings Guitars.

John Parricelli

John Parricelli is a London based session musician. He was a founder member of the British big band Loose Tubes and has worked with the likes of Andy Sheppard, M People, Judy Tzuke, Shara Nelson, Mike Oldfield. He recently performed with John Paul Jones at the Royal Opera House, and has worked on numerous T.V and feature films. John has had a major input into the R&D of the Kudos Blend.

Brooks Williams

Brooks Williams

Statesboro Georgia (USA) native, Brooks Williams is ranked in the “Top 100 Acoustic Guitarists” and is a “best male vocalist” nominee. The proverbial triple threat, a fiery guitarist, a smooth-as-silk singer, and a stunning songwriter, Williams’ music walks the line between country and blues. “Americana at its finest.”

Findlay Napier

Singer/songwriter Findlay Napier was nominated as songwriter of the year in the 2010 ‘MG Alba Scottish Traditional Music Awards’ and has been emerging as a writer and performer of increasingly impressive stature.

Chris Woods

Chris Woods is one of the UK’s most exciting young instrumentalists. His creative percussive style has received critical acclaim, described as “A tour de force of original technique” by Acoustic Magazine and “Powerfully Original” by Hot Press (Ireland).

Elliott Morris

Elliott Morris from West Ashby in Lincolnshire is a singer/songwriter and guitarist, active in the UK folk and pop music scenes. He has been described as a ‘fearsome young guitarist’, playing a mix of folk and country, tinged with blues.